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I dare this Friday to be warm and clear outside. I dare it.

*Courtesy of my back, Dave Calloway.


Mikael Moore in the Washington Post!

You can tell a lot about a man by his email address. With Mikael Moore you’ll know in which folder of his mind you’ve been compartmentalized by which email address he decides to give you. Ever the student, writer, and critic, it is refreshing to see the Washington Post offer up a story on my friend and brother. I am ever his fan, supporter, and pupil so it is exciting to see the world uncover this storied career so early in its lifetime.


Denzel Washington opposite Viola Davis in August Wilson’s classic: Fences

“Oh Denzel.” This is how most women will respond to the mention of his name. Admittedly, he is the Paul Newman of our time. Attractive and confidant, a man’s man. Always playing the strong guy, never a supporting character.

Denzel Washington is one of the most prolific actors of our time, falling just short of Sam Jackson in the ‘He was in THAT movie too?!?” category. Having had success both in front of and behind the camera, audiences are still warming up to Mr. Washington’s live performaces. [this doesn’t include acceptance speeches]

“Oh…Denzel.” This seems to be how critics are responding to his most recent foray into theater. There is, of course, the challenge of being the second, in a short line led by James Earl Jones, to play August Wilson’s Troy Maxon. But there is also, Denzel…who is always…Denzel. [See “They tried to kill my wife” –American Gangster]

I like him. I like the play. I have read it a few times. It’ll be interesting to see how Denzel reads it this summer. Count me in.

Read the full review from our friends at the NY Times.


Smith & Smith Smile Studio (a part of the 1.5 brand package)

BACKGROUND:I have taken to shooting some small installations for friends’ businesses. Recently, while in Chicago, I was able to free up some time for a dentist office owned and run by some Morehouse College brothers of mine. (I also sat down for a cleaning!)

BUSINESS:This is considered a part of the 1.5 package. It is a commercial or depiction of your business/event shot with one edit of your choice. A relatively simple feat to accomplish once you have hired me and paid the consultation fee.Enjoy.-2.0

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I won’t be taking any calls until June.

If you are a Blackberry user and you don’t suffer with a heavy case of the hourglassies, God Bless you. Me, I am tired of it. So all of my BBM friends (most of you aren’t my friends anyway, we just stay in contact) I will be hard to reach after June. For those of you who wanted to BBM me before and never had my pin, stay tuned, because I’ll be tweeting, blogging, facebooking and texting it to everyone I know. This of course will be in celebration or graduation of my device and my provider.

I am making the switch. You should too.



(warning: explicit content in the chorus) Fur in my cap-Rob Roy

It isn’t THAT bad, but just in case we have some parents on the page. (I’m not worried about the kids). This is a put on from the fellas of the West Coast, Ro and Jon. Truthfully, I am becoming more and more lenient with rappers choice to be unsyncopated in parts. Formally known as the Silk the Shocker, it became the Eminem as he was able to fool us into thinking he was on the beat because his rhyme scheme was unique. Rob Roy challenges the meter in a truly crafty, deliberately nonchalant style that has the chorus ringing in my head since Monday.

Oh and the video is better than most. Enjoy.


Things I learned while traveling…

1. Always bring your own washcloth (and towel)
2. Even if you have an electric toothbrush that makes you feel like you don’t need dental coverage, carry a manual toothbrush with you. It’s also a great idea to keep it in your carry-on…with some toothpaste.
3. Take a shower before you get on the plane, train, in the car, or start walking. You never know what’s going to happen.
4. If you stay at someone’s house, buy them some groceries, a bottle, a plant, anything. Just contribute to their space.
5. Have a decent pair of headphones.
6. Start untying or removing your shoes at the beginning of the security gate check in. Everyone will love you for it.
7. Two words: Hand sanitizer.
8. Keep a snack. A snickers, a granola bar, or a pack of sour skittles work best.
9. Carry cash. At least some. “I only have a card is not an excuse anymore.”
10. Keep a roll of tape on you if you can. I know, I know it sounds like MacGuvery or really MacGrouder, but tape CAN save your life.
11. Carry your carry-ons in the hand that is opposite of your boarding pass and furthest away from the gate agent. Maybe she won’t notice that you have two cameras, a bookbag, a hat box and a carry-on.
12. Three words: Frequent flier miles.
13. Call ahead to your friends in whichever city you are going to. It takes people about a week to get “free” or decide that it is okay for them to skip Glee and come out and meet you for a drink or three.
14. Charge your phone as often as possible.
15. Leave a 20% tip if it’s good 10% if it’s bad.
16. Two parting words: Baby wipes.

–See you in the skies.

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