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TOTV: Sneak peak screen shot of my new video!!!

As you know I have been traveling. (What else is new?) But while I’ve been traveling I’ve been shooting, not only on the #LAPTAPE, but with my Nikon D9000. The video quality is amazing, but the sound….eh, not so much. So I decided that I would break from the #LAPTAPE-only shoots and add in some of the crystal clear Nikon footage for the SHEPHERD’S WORDS video!

I set out around Manhattan during an extended trip there when I should have been trying to catch up on sleep and even got Stereo Crowd to shoot some #LAPTAPE during their rehearsal and started piecing it together.

Here is a screen shot of the piecing together of Shepherd’s Words!

Normally, the video would be done by now, but I have had a lot of editing to do with the Jane’s project–an amzing blessing in disguise. I have decided that through the rest of my travels over the next few months I want to collect as many friends as I can on camera giving their version of the hook:


So if you see me in your city, or if you are so ambitious as to pull out your own #LAPTAPE and shoot yourself rapping the chorus, you may just find yourself in 2.0’s next TURN OFF THE TV video!


“It didn’t make me mad, it made me hungry” –@twopointoh

Questlove, one of the rare jewels in the Hip Hop community, a musical savant, and one of the highest viral coefficients on the world wide web, gets it. That is to say, he understands the difference between today’s performers viability and the lengths to which one has to engage their audience, on and offline. So the fact that he has been able to acquire nearly 1.3 million followers on Twitter (even after a switch in user name) is not astonishing. After all, he gets it.

The people over New York’s Social Media Week think so highly of the drummer’s social media acumen, that they invited the 39year old, whose real name is Ahmir Thompson to sit on a panel, just yesterday. The panel, “What’s Your Social Music Currency?” presented by SoundCtrl and sponsored by dotMusic also featured Andrew Katz (Sr. Marketing Manager for Pepsi) and Marisa Bangash (Co-Founder of Uncensored Interview) and was moderated by James Andrews (Co-Founder of

When asked by attendee Jovian Irvin “How do performers capture the fan now that it’s ‘Tweet vs Clap’ ? “ (No doubt a reference to a concert goers inclination to send short messages to their followers instead of clapping for a performer who is actually in the room with them) @questlove’s response was: “Know your audience. Do your research and play to their emotions. There’s a difference between a performer and an entertainer!”

It should be overstated that Questo’s knowledge base isn’t limited to music and the metronome. In fact, the de facto leader of the Legendary Roots crew has been known to appear in skits written by his band’s late night host Jimmy Fallon and his staff, often displaying the comedic timing of well…an experienced drummer. [rimshot]

So when he posted this photo of an NBC (cafeteria) menu yesterday attached with the quip, “Hmmm, HR?” many of those who saw the photo via Retweet (the act of reposting a twitter message) and postings on popular blog sites were left to wonder if he was really offended, trying to start something, or getting paid by Al Sharpton to drive an ambulance for the Reverend to chase.

Not me.

I know what it’s like to Tweet and not clap. I know what it’s like to be unable to suppress the knee jerk reflex to send a message out to the world, often without verifying it, spell checking it, or thinking about it at all. Twitter has established a culture that insists upon immediacy, often printing obituaries of celebrities who aren’t yet confirmed as dead. What’s more, I wasn’t offended by NBC’s lunch menu. It didn’t make me mad, it made me hungry. To my surprise, as I sat with studio mates and looked through the comments on I found some refreshing voices of reason:

“I’m white and I love those foods. If it were Asian American month and we were all eating Asian foods to celebrate, would it be racist? I wish we could all learn to not take each other so seriously, “ said bharless3329. “They obviously aren’t racist enough if they forgot watermelon” said theloofa, another commenter. Eastwood24, offered “That sounded like a really good Southern/African American meal. What should one prepare as a meal to honor black history month? The PC police need to stop over-reacting. “

I agree eastwood24. Maybe you and I can get together for some Tacos and Tequila on Cinco De Mayo?

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