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About riddles, let’s stretch the brain muscle a little…

There are two doors, one leads to Heaven and the other leads to Hell. One creature is in front of the two doors, and as you approach, you have no idea if the creature is an angel or a demon. However, you do know that an angel will always tell the truth and a demon will always tell a lie. Not knowing which door leads to Heaven and which one leads to Hell, with only one question to ask, you have to determine which door leads where. What one question will you ask?


About the Black Santa Claus…

My mother was the mother who kept a brown crayon in the middle drawer (pronounced DRAW). You know which drawer I am talking about, the one with the ribbon, the 9 volt batteries, the masking tape, the scotch tape, and a ketchup packet or two. This brown crayon [that was worn down almost to the point where you’d end up scratching the paper as much as coloring it] was used for greeting cards. See, when I was a child there were no Mahogany cards or Ebony/Jet cards with Brown faces on the front. So we colored them in. My mother’s insistance upon this was so unwavering that when I was cast as Professor Harold Hill in Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man” she bought a fabric pen to fill in the face on the poster. She said, “The Music Man is brown this year, the posters should reflect it.”

With that kind of cultural awareness as the backdrop, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine that come Christmas time, my mother, a 2.0 herself, unloads bins and bins full of Christmas Santa Clauses that have been filled in with crayons and fabric pens. I joked on Facebook and Twitter recently that my mother’s Black Santa Claus collection could beat yours, but I was actually serious. I mean, not only can Ruby’s collection beat your mother’s sorry little porcelain Black Santa in the bathroom, but she could probably take on the collection of all of the mothers in your church or your Jack n Jill. Chhhhaaaaaaallllllluuuuuunnnnnnggggggeeeeeee!

Pictured are some quick iPhone photos of just some of the Black Santa Clauses that my mother has. If you want to see the full collection, just drop by the house. She’ll have them up until Valentine’s Day. Dead Serious.

Happy Kwanzaa,
George 2.0


About my favorite Christmas ornaments:

Besides the first ornament I made at Sicklerville United Methodist and my first Christmas photo, this might be my favorite Christmas ornament to put up each year. Warm Christmas wishes to every single member of my fraternity and their families this year. (note my mother’s Delta elephant pinky ring in the photo below)

On another note, as many of you know, my Aunt Hazel passed a little over a month ago. Her sister and housemate of over 80yrs, my Grandmere, was heart-broken. It appears that her heart is under heavy stress and she has been admitted into the hospital. This will be a tough Christmas for my family, please pray for us.

Enjoy your family,


About the greatest game I have ever seen…

It was a rainy Sunday morning in LA, three hours behind the East Coast where the Eagles were playing the Giants. I get all of the game highlights texted to my phone, but it had been weeks since I was in the States, so my phone had been on “airplane” mode. I woke up at 10:30, which was a half hour into the game and the first update I saw said, “The Eagles are getting their helmets handed to them.”

Okay, it didn’t say that, but it might as well have. Reluctantly, I began to pack, pissed that I had spent $50 on a change fee and even more pissed that my Birds were losing to the G Men. But I turned on the game anyway…

The following are highlights from one of the greatest games I have ever seen.


Extraordinary Things are MADE

Last night, I spent the hours after the show hanging out with the Nico from (Extraordinary things are) MADE. I showed him some of the #Laptape stuff and he was amazed, which to me was a huge compliment because of the extraordinary things that are developed, designed, and deconstructed in his space in Berlin, Germany.

Take a look at a piece he did with Ebbon Heath a visual artist. Ebbon was actually there when we played there this summer. We got to see the beginning of this project, and though the following video doesn’t completely encapsulate the project, it is an amazing capture of the evening. The featured artist of the evening was Talib Kweli and boy did his words COME ALIVE.

Enjoy. Share. Make.


About the knot, it is tied oh so tightly. [@yarrellnHD @jgenius]


About kindred spirits, Janellemonae spends time with Karl Lagerfeld in Moscow, Russia

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