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About the baddest thing walking on two feet, ladies and gentleman, the newest Vipers of Pi Chapter.


This 13 year old triple major enrolled in Morehouse College at the age of 11

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Morehouse Acting Guild Casting Opportunity for Alumni Actors

The actors guild at Morehouse College is looking for TWO talented ALUMNI ACTORS and/or STUDENTS to be featured in six 30-second multi-media presentations that will be distributed throughout the Morehouse community and around the world. Looking for an Odd Couple to play two different types of characters.

Male #1 between 25 40, thick bodied, a face with a lot of character, the Oscar Madison type who is unkempt and is always about to get ready to do something (but he never does). Gets rattled easily and is very defensive. Somewhat manic, yet comedic in all his movements.

Male #2, between, 25 40, athletic build, but not overly done. The guy knows how to maintain himself. Looks like he could be an ad model for Banana Republic. Cool. Laid back, crisp but not boring. Kind smile.

Please e-mail headshots and reels (if available) to the email address set out below and note which role you are submitting for. Sides will be available if you are selected to audition (scheduled per actor). The shoot date is SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2009. Actors must be available for fittings and rehearsals Friday, November 13. Non-pay. Copy, credit and meal will be provided.

PLEASE RESPOND TO the following email address


Black Love V: Intimacy hosted by Privileged, Inc @Aja on Vimeo

Black Love is…

Exclusive. Black Love is music that says it is okay to be close when you dance…it is candy and it is condoms. Black Love is top shelf and to the right…it is paying for an experience. Black Love is a reunion…it is being in the right place at the right time with the right people. Black Love starts when you get there…and leaves with you–early. Black Love is the smell on your collar the morning after. Black Love is a celebration that has been aged and must be poured annually in your honor.

Black Love is JUST US.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



New Dress code at Dear Old Morehouse: Thoughts?

Morehouse College Appropriate Attire Policy
October 2009

Published in The Maroon Tiger
It is our expectation that students who select Morehouse do so because of the College’s outstanding legacy of producing leaders. On the campus and at College-sponsored events and activities, students at Morehouse College will be expected to dress neatly and appropriately at all times.

Students who choose not to abide by this policy will be denied admission into class and various functions and services of the College if their manner of attire is inappropriate. Examples of inappropriate attire and/or appearance include but are not limited to:

1. No caps, do-rags and/or hoods in classrooms, the cafeteria, or other indoor venues. This policy item does not apply to headgear considered as a part of religious or cultural dress.

2. Sun glasses or “shades” are not to be work in class or at formal programs, unless medical documentation is provided to support use.

3. Decorative orthodontic appliances (e.g. “grillz”) be they permanent or removable, shall not be worn on the campus or at College-sponsored events.

4. Jeans at major programs such as, Opening Convocation, Commencement, Founder’s Day or other programs dictating professional, business casual attire, semi-formal or formal attire.

5. Clothing with derogatory, offense and/or lewd messages either in words or pictures.

6. Top and bottom coverings should be work at all times. No bare feet in public venues.

7. No sagging–the wearing of one’s pants or shorts low enough to reveal undergarments or secondary layers of clothing.

8. Pajamas, shall not be worn while in public or in common areas of the College.

9. No wearing of clothing associated with women’s garb (dresses, tops, tunics, purses, pumps, etc.) on the Morehouse campus or at College-sponsored events.

10. Additional dress regulations may be imposed upon students participating in certain extracurricular activities that are sponsored or organized by the College (e.g. athletic teams, the band, Glee Club, etc).

11. The college reserves the right to modify this policy as deemed appropriate.
*All administrative, faculty, students and support staff members are asked to assist in enforcing this policy and may report disregard or violations to the Office of Student Conduct. ”

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