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TOTV: I slept in an airport again.

Before jumping right into the ins and outs of how #TOTV was presented to the folks at the American Association of Advertising Agencies let me give you some back story on how worn out I was by the time I got to San Francisco.

(For those of you who have been wondering where I have been, I have been in the future. Helping to tie the strings on a project that will surely change your life.)

We’d just capped grueling week in production for the videos that accompany the two lead singles off of The ArchAndroid (May 18th) and had flown from Atlanta to New York where Jane Ripped the Runway. She was doing 2 and 3 photo shoots a day it seemed all while we were feverishly preparing for the Listening Experience playback of the album.  All the while I was preparing to explain to a room full of strangers how I had managed to qualify for the many hats I wear, simply by turning off the tv.

In what seemed like minutes after Rip the Runway in New York, I was due in San Fran for the 4a’s conference where we would be presenting TOTV to a focus group. Though it had been planned months and months in advance, getting there was a beast…leaving was…well…let’s just say I fell asleep at the gate in San Fran 40 minutes BEFORE my flight. I woke up, and Rodrigo was the only person in the airport and he didn’t speak English, he only spoke vacuum, the only thing he was concerned with. He didn’t even flinch as I woke up in despair screaming every word that you are not supposed to scream as a black man in an airport. Yeah, already 3 hours behind where I was supposed to be the following morning. Getting back was…painful.

Back to the conference and the presentation.

I landed, Benny scooped me and we met Lincoln for a “meeting”. It just so happened to be “Happy Hour” so we met a little longer than expected. (approx. an hour I think)

Our goal over the course of the almost 10 hours that I was slated to be in town, was to introduce as many folks as we could to the concept of Turn of the TV and to gain as many contacts and potential investors as was humanly possible. So immediately after our “meeting” we went upstairs to the “meeting hall” (read:open bar) where they were having yet another “meeting” already in progress.  There were tons of ad execs all circling around the bar and massage tables, talking shop, looking for the next big thing…and we were it. They just didn’t know it yet.

And as we turn the corner, looking for the perfect place to set up shop we see: THE YAHOO IDEA LOUNGE.

Benny starts pitching, Lincoln starts drawing, I start filming…and before you know it we are in “talks”. (fellas if you are reading this, let this be the subtle reminder to follow up, ya dig?)

Later, we met a gentleman who insisted that he’d not owned a television in 20 years and that his children know a world without it. I asked him to speak on #Laptape, but he declined. Though he did say he would scribble me an essay to be used in TOTV 2.

So we went to the venue where our event was to be held and began to loosen up for the presentation.

The emails received, the donations received, and the spike in San Fran based Twitter followers suggests that the event went really well. But I’ll let you be the judge. Stay tuned for video from the event! (Kenji shoot me over that raw footage so I can chop it)



*special thanks to the Marcus Graham Project.

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