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We got on stage with Erykah at the end of the Phoenix show!


I can answer for her. [Out my Mind, Just in Time]

“There is no such thing as Writer’s Block” said an assured woman, deep under a hat that shadowed the windows to her soul. “If ever you get to the point that you cannot write, wait. Do something else, because frustration is just wasted energy. It’s going to come when it comes.”

I have been saying this very same thing for years. Literally for years. I don’t believe in Writer’s Block, especially not when there is so much to write about. There is never a moment when one is not thinking, but articulation…? That is something entirely different. The challenge a writer has is not centered around his or her ability to host or control a thought in their head, it is the ability to get that thought out of your head and into a medium that can either preserve or promote it in a timely and relevant fashion.

Out my mind, Just in Time.

Tonight after the San Diego show was said and done, and only the ushers remained in the audience, a handful of those willing to part with their sneaker money, walked stage side in eager anticipation of a chance to meet Erykah Badu aka Sara Bellum…for what has become her personal piece of public therapy. In these intimate post show sessions, Badu, creates a warm campfire-like environment that all who care to can be warmed by.

“I have all kinds of clever answers for these questions, but I want to know what YOU think?” she said after being asked her thoughts on current radio program direction.

I wanted to know what I thought as well, not just in response to that particular question, but to a host of interrogatives being slung from raised hands in the make shift cafeteria room.  So, for every question an adoring fan asked her or Janelle, who has been invited to sit in on the couch time during her stint on the tour, I would answer the question as though it had been asked of me.  Now, aside from occasionally falling asleep to the Bravo network’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio”, I have never imagined myself answering questions that weren’t directed at me.  But this came so fluidly, so comfortably that I found myself listening more to what I was thinking than to what Erykah was saying.

Was it rude? No, I think she would have been pleased to know that she inspired me…just in time.


I love her window seat.

In the unfortunate event that you did not know who the Matt and Kim referenced in the text at the beginning of Erykah’s video, get from under that rock and see below:

I'm watchin you watchin


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