About Brazil, [a quick photo update]

Been busy. Florianopolis, Rio de Jeniro, and Recife are the cities that we have performed in so far. Let me tell you, Brazilian people are passionate. They are detailed about their Risotto and they don’t speak Spanish (you dummy), so you are better off speaking English and playing charades than speaking your broken High School Spanish 202. Anyway, the picture above is me in front of Christ the Redeemer.

I call this one, Stairway to Heaven.

I have taken a LOT of pictures, but haven’t had wi-fi as consistently as I had planned, so it has allowed me to spend more time photoshopping on my phone. But for my friends and family who I know stop by here from time to time, here are a few flicks.

Warning: I ate 8 Lobster Tails, so don’t say anything to me about lobster, shrimp, crawfish, or any of that for the next 2 months. I was eating them and tossing the shells like wings. I mean there were so many tails that I wasn’t even “cleaning the bones” so to speak.

What a world.
What a God.
What a blessing.


1 Response to “About Brazil, [a quick photo update]”

  1. 1 georgeonepoint
    January 16, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    So you tellin’ me that you can only forward seafood pics and not seafood?!
    Has that something to due with customs or somethin’? I think that’d I’d
    attempt to send some home just for safe have some available in the event
    that you determine that you can once again enjoy eating seafood again.
    That’s one beautiful pan of seafood. I could hold on to them for you, at
    least to the point where it appears that they should be eaten to prevent
    having to disard them. I’ll make that sacrifice for you.


    P.S. Only a father would make such a sacrafice.

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