“Now look at God”

I am sitting in Germany, Berlin to be specific. For those of you who were sleep during your history classes about the World Wars, Berlin was the site location of the Nazi rise in the 1930s and was a city completely divided by the erection of the Berlin Wall until 1989. All that being said, it hasn’t been the most tourist friendly space on the planet.

As I sit in the Fritz Club, (@FritzClub Twitter, ha!!) the only Black person in the building, blasting The Roots at the top of my laptop’s lungs, I have to pause to consider how unique this experience is. When Psalm 23 says “Prepare a table before mine enemies” I am pretty sure this is what is being referred to. See, I couldn’t have been in Berlin years ago. Janelle Monáe would not have been headlining in anybody’s Berlin night club just decades ago. No German woman would be pouring me coffee or asking me how I wanted my eggs prepared as I mumbled Black Thoughts (lead vocalist of The Roots). But at some point, far before I was even thought of, God was preparing this moment specifically for me. Even if it was just so that I would recognize Him and His power and timelessness.

Oh and if you are interested, gas is cheap over here.


1 Response to ““Now look at God””

  1. December 14, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    I’m glad to read about your travels. I’ve always thought travelling afforded one the opportunity to reflect, particularly on the existential question of life’s meaning. Being abroad removes you from your normal state of being and allows you to be somewhat anonymous without physically removing yourself from society (it is, of course, often difficult for a Black person to be anonymous in Europe).

    Look forward to hearing more about your travels – especially if y’all visit my soon-to-be-home, Frankfurt.

    BTW – gas isn’t cheap. That price is in liters and at that price we’re looking at about $5.30 a gallon.

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