[Sneak Peak] Lyrics to TOTV2: Closed Captioning


If you haven’t seen, heard, or experienced Turn off the TV get familiar, because soon and very soon I will be releasing Turn off the TV 2: Closed Captioning and it is going to jam. I am gonna take it back to the days when music made you want to pull the car over and dance!! Here is a sample of the lyrics to the first verse of the Title Track “Close Captioning”

“It was kind of an accident/the way that it happened/one day I was rapping/and noticed people kept on clapping/and dapping is what would happen/at the back of the club homies were passing Coke-n-Captain/ladies showing mad love/but soon it wasn’t enough to rap in popular clubs/and wait for psuedo recognition from some popular thugs/”2.0’s the kind of brand you make monopolies of”/but I ain’t in it for the money that’s a mockery of/But the shorty says to me, “Yo what’s stopping you love? Huh?/ Don’t you know just who you property of?”/And it feels like I done hit the lottery of/when I got lyrics to the ceiling but the lobby’s enough/So I’m a go and let it do what it does/Then I’m a try to take it back to when it was what it was/when people partied in the lobby/and the lobby party was a poppin as the party poppin up inside of the club/

But we watch shows everybody’s acted in/and we don’t really know what’s happening/instead of living out the scenes we’ve been casted in/we just read it off the screen closed captioning”


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