About my change of season spirit [cocktail]…

Shake the whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar vigorously with ice; then strain over ice into a chilled cocktail glass, Old Fashioned glass, or highball glass. Garnish with an orange or lemon slice (or both) and a maraschino cherry.

If you don’t know the ingredients you shouldn’t be making it.  It takes discovery to drink this kind of drink. The kind that will have you reading the instructions twice just to extract the particulars.  This happens to be my drink of choice at the moment, but as so many articles have offered, “Sour is not so much a drink as it is a concept.”
I had my first last week in Paris. Oddly, the drink was more English than anything.  [This a Peruvian myth. The Englishman had docked in Peru] But it was a suggestion from the waiter when I asked what he could bring me that had whiskey in it. He brought me a whiskey sour that looked more like the picture at the top right  than any of the others.  It was sublime, literally. The whiskey taste I enjoy was there, but beneath the lime and the sugars.  Sweet like an old fashioned, the Whiskey Sour was different in the way that pancakes and waffles are different.  [and yes, it also depends on the syrup]
For me, it is a nice transitional drink as I go deeper into the Wooded Reserves (#punswild) to find my authors’ assistant this Winter.  [That sentence simply means that I’ll be writing a lot more this Winter and I’d like to find some Hot to put in my Toddy]

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