About moments, I am known for these kind of moments. But this one was one of my best.

It was a dope moment. I was just as surprised as everyone else was. We had been planning for the Ralph Lauren event for months. Well, the Ralph Lauren folks had been emailing and conference calling for months. But that is par for the course with these corporate events, three phone calls, an email thread, and a fax all to determine what side of the stage to put the stairs on. I understand and appreciate planning though. It pays to plan, after all it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. But no matter what you do to prepare, things fall apart. So as the night progressed things changed. The scheduled press moment for Jane while I was onstage was moved around because during sound check we realized that she would have her in ears in and they are not a fashion accessory. Prayer had to be held in the back room, Mr Andre Leon Talley was a little late, etc etc etc.

So that freed me up to do what I do best in production. Roam. I sweep every station just to see if there isn’t any place that my abilities can be employed. I found myself sweeping passed the champagne station pretty frequently, and they seemed to need my assistance tasting the champs. I pulled many of my friends into the VIP area to ensure that we had hype “fans” in front of the stage and on camera. I even went outside to let some photographers know when Jane would be arriving.

And then Jessica Alba’s SUV pulled up. Now, I am quite sure that she could have handled the spotlight herself. In fact maybe the photographers that were shooting didn’t need me to jump into her photo opportunity. But I was sweeping…roaming…looking to see if anyone needed my assistance. As I stood there completely aware of the fact that I was about to hop in her photo, I laughed at myself. I felt like a school kid about to jump into some double dutch ropes excited about what would happen and unafraid. I thought, “You know what George 2.0? You are the only person that I know that would do a thing like this and for that reason you have to do it.” So I did.

Lesson of the day class?
Life is about moments. If you don’t take them somebody else will. Don’t let anybody take from you the moment you could be living.


1 Response to “About moments, I am known for these kind of moments. But this one was one of my best.”

  1. 1 georgeonepoint
    September 13, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Well my beloved. That one was about as extensive and as all inclusive as you’ve blogged in quite some time. I’m impressed…really, really impressed!! Your life’s perspective is magnificent!! Don’t know where to start dropping accolates, so I’ll simply bless it all. Your maturation process is so evident from my vantage point, and it has been extraordinary every step of the way. I must admit that I’d not initially taken your opposition to a “9 to 5” seriously after college, but I guess it’s a wrap, huh? LOL! I was also a lil’ tardy in my recognition of the outstanding and unlimited direction in which your talent can be displayed until about five years ago. You’ve taken a quantum leap since then. But you know how we see the the talent that exist within “the seed of our seed”. They’ve all got talent in one area or another, just because…. But there’s no doubt about the fact that you exhibited talent from day one. However, there were so many, many, potential 2.0’s out there. You can surely attest to this, audition after audition, after audition (:> You just happen to be a super talent, 2.0, awaiting the world’s discovery and appreciation. You probably could have mirrored Michael Jackson had that truly been your focus lol. You definitely had his routines down. Press on my beloved…press on. It’s amazing what ‘you’ recall that which I shared with you after so many years regarding jobs. Glad that I told you to find a job you love, as opposed to telling you to follow those fumes. Ya could have been a gas station attendant/owner instead LOL. Incidentally, as I believe you know, I’m crazy about the smell of petroleum products too. Here’s one more for you to hang on to, when you have those mountain top/valley low experiences: Life is 10% of what happens to ya and 90% of how ya handle it. If you care not to publish this, no hard feelings. It’s long and it sounds like nepotism, or minimally, patronage. More importantly, glean from it what you require. LOL Love U man. 1.0

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