About good reads and advice, I was featured on the Marketing Experiment blog last week.

Here is a link to the article directly on their site.

George 2.0 is a man of many talents–not only restricted to Marketing. In addition to being Program Director for the Wondaland Arts Society, he’s also a brand manager, master of ceremonies, an actor, a writer, a producer, a beat boxer, a poet, a rapper and a singer. Exercising his multiple artistic talents helped George develop a unique POV and enable him to see a holistic promotional platform and how to best tap into the commercial and social media landscape.

George Twopointoh
Program Director
Wondaland Arts Society

Twitter: http://twitter.com/twopointoh

What site(s) do you have to visit every day for Marketing news?

If you have not read All Marketers Are Liars or The Purple Cow by Seth Godin, I highly suggest it. His blog provides the perfect set of daily cliff notes to his aggressive approach to marketing. I don’t go to the 4A’s conference page daily, but I do frequent the site, as they are very much in tune with how minorities use the viral loops and the tools available to them to disseminate information. Some marketing news sites I visit are: AdAge, Media Bistro, KissMyBlackAds, MarcusGrahamProject.

What site(s) do you go to at least once a day for fun and inspiration?

Inspiration: I am fascinated by how quickly the hip-hop bloggers aggregate and update their content. It seems like if you miss just one day of checking in with them, you might miss out on key subtext to the ongoing social commentary that Hip Hop has become. So I typically visit dopeboyz and nahright from my phone fist thing in the morning. The same goes for pitchfork. You can tell a log about how the day is going and how people will feel by understanding their soundtrack.
Fun: Georgetwopointoh – I check my own wordpress blog every day, not just because I like it, but because I need to see what’s up there. I sometimes schedule posts a week ahead of time so when I get the tweet that a new post is up, it becomes a “Being John Malkovich” moment for me. I get to see myself the way others do, which makes me constantly aware of my online profile. I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t admit that I check Twitter more than any other site. As an aggregate there just isn’t a better hub for news, voyeurism and micro blogging. I suppose it is a fun way to pass time, but it is rapidly becoming necessary for work in any field.
But, the reigning champion of all fun sits to me is YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube clip that you can pull out at parties, then you have not been wasting nearly enough time at work. On it, you can catch anything from last night’s walk off homerun to keynotes and press conferences. If you don’t check YouTube in that section that shows what people are currently watching I promise you will be left out of all the water-cooler jokes. (special shoutout to Antoine Dodson) One of my other favorite sites is BroccoliCity. It’s always sunny over there and of course it’s organic. The latest in footwear, they have it. Noveau furniture, yep. And of course some good recipe.

Greatest skill a good Marketing professional requires?

I find that it comes down to simply knowing how to speak to people. I think people return to my blog or my twitter feed or my viral videos because they enjoy the way I communicate. Possessing a unique ability to communicate using multiple mediums is a much needed skill, after all consumers can be found in multiple marketplaces. I try to constantly remind myself that communicating is as much about listening as it is about speaking. I believe a good marketer listens to the demand before trying to convince or inspire consumers to patronize an arbitrary fad. A good marketer must be observant and not imposing.

What’s the recent “it” Marketing phrase/trend of the moment that you hear almost every day and what does it mean for the industry and the marketplace?

Hashtags. As Twitter has become such a significant channel of communication in our culture, hashtags (#) have bled into our every day speak. Many consider hashtags unconsciously even in verbal dialog. And though the casual coffee chat doesn’t always include folks verbalizing “Hashtag” before the given meme, tweeters have learned to brand their pet phrases like #randomthought or the popular excuse #thatisall. Hashtags have cemented themselves securely within the lexicon, because they register topics in conversation and can be cataloged digitally. So, not only are they becoming more present in face to face conversations, but they are employed by marketers looking for free, up-to-the-second analytics.

There have been fads in the Marketing world. In your opinion what are recent developments that are here to stay?

Viral Verticalization. Many online markets are popping up and allowing marketers the chance to speak to a specifically targeted audience. Product managers and site developers are mimicking the functionality of existing popular sites and specifying them to their brand. I was initially put off by what I found to be copycat marketing, but as they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This includes adding Twitter-like feeds to Facebook, YouTube like video players to dance studio websites and widgets upon widgets in the side panels of any website or blog with free space. I have found cellphone commercials to the biggest proponents. It seems like every commercial , and product for that matter is impersonating one particular brand.

What is essential NOT to do when it comes to your area of Marketing specialty?

I live by the mantra “even if you weren’t watching, I’d be doing this anyway.” That’s the best way that I know how to be true to my brand and myself. So I try NOT to get caught up with how I will be received before I am finished developing a product or its roll out strategy. I try not to concern myself with how people are going to receive my project; far too often this concern paralyzes creative ability.

What’s an imminent hurdle in the Marketing world that you think cause significant changes to the way we market to consumers or businesses?

Boredom. Commercials are getting significantly shorter and tweets are only 140 characters because people have short attention spans. Often categorized as fickle, the changing trends and the consumers’ desire to change with them often gets in the way of brand loyalties. This inevitability urges significant changes in the way we market to consumers and businesses. Previous generations of consumers demonstrated more brand loyalty, whereas current generations tend to be more influenced by our peers than by product performance. If today’s Marketers hopes to increase brand loyalty they will have to adapt.

Can Marketing ideas travel across continents and languages? does globalization work or is localization more effective?

Marketing ideas can and definitely do travel across continents and languages. It is evidenced in the borrowing from other cultures. In the case of music, many American musicians that cannot get their music played on Top 40 radio will travel abroad with their brand to find that their non-English speaking audience knows their every word. More often than not, this exposes them to products that they might have otherwise been unfamiliar with. As a Thrival, I find myself in competition with individuals from around the globe. So limiting my product, image or ideas to local consumers is, well…limiting. I can respect local initiatives, but is has been my experience that localization has an expiration date.

Best piece of advice you have received?

“Find a job you truly enjoy and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” I heard that from my father, George 1.0, when I was a child. I don’t think he knew that i would spend most of my college days avoiding the eventuality of a 9-5, but I have found a job that I love. Every morning I wake up excited that I get to do exactly what I want to do. I try my best to encourage the same determination in every person I meet.

Growing up, what was the first thing you can remember wanting to be?

A gas station attendant. I loved the smell of gas, and I figured what better way to smell gas than to work as a gas station attendant. Following that I wanted to be Michael Jackson. I never became either of the two.

Where are growth opportunities within the marketing industry, as people are looking at their careers?

I have found that the greatest growth opportunities are in user generated content. I started a campaign called “Turn off the TV” that seeks to convince dreamers to use the resources available to them to create the kind of content that they would like to see. This consists of, but is not limited to Laptaping–a process by which one uses their built in web camera to create viral videos, their Facebook and Twitter pages to market these videos and their own viral voice to maintain brand consistency. I have found that many marketers are beginning to recognize the power in putting program direction back in the hands of the consumer, often empowering their consumers to promote their brand. I am constantly seeing companies offer prizes and money through competitions in which the user turns over brand-centered content in the form of jingles and commercials.

What is a recent campaign/presentation you admire?

The Thrivals 3.0: The Global Brain. At this year’s annual Idea Festival the Thrivals are hosting an entire day at the conference. Their goal is to get the world to see the powerful combination of what can happen when learning, music, art, imagination, science and technology are combined. Thrivals are a brand of thinking about the future. I have been impressed by their viral efforts and their ability to identify other like-minded individuals in an effort to figure out “What is next?” I am looking forward to Thrivals 3.0. It is a meeting of the mind from across the world. Take the quiz here. I’m Thrivalerious. What are you?


2 Responses to “About good reads and advice, I was featured on the Marketing Experiment blog last week.”

  1. 1 rebeKah
    September 14, 2010 at 2:27 am

    congrats on the feature!
    this was enjoyable as well as informative.

  2. September 19, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Doble on the congrats, man. It’s crazy to see how peoples’ web paths cross. I’m a big fan of Seth as well. Google Reader and twitter are also friends.

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