I could get lost in Europe.

I remember complaining about having never gone out of the country. I thought it was ridiculous that I had become known for popping up anywhere between LA and NY on any given day, and for any given event, but I never stepped foot outside of the country.

All that has changed. This year alone I have been to almost 10 countries and will have made my second stop in many of the first 10 before the end of the year. In fact, when I look at my calendar for 2011, I may be spending as much time in the United States as I am abroad.

I always fancied myself the kind of guy who could pick up with a stuffed knapsack, some gelled Dr. Scholl’s and a liter of contact lens solution and just disappear in Europe or Asia somewhere. I now know that I actually am that kind of guy.

We started off in Ireland, Dublin to be exact and it was the clearest, most sunny day the countryside had seen in weeks. At least that’s what the locals exclaimed. The crowd was amazing, I can’t wait to show you the footage. Jane performed her butt off. I got the crowd pretty excited if I must say so myself–although this mysterious Lucky Charms accent came out of nowhere and the actor in my had to just commit to it. More about that later.

Chuck and I went for a walk and before we knew it we were offered mustache cups and fireside dancing inside of a tee pee. It’s crazy what a top hat (being black in Ireland) or a mowhawk (being black in Ireland) or a tuxedo (being black in Ireland) can do. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why so many people were running up to us asking to take photos with us for their friends and families back home.

The hotel rooms have been, well…European. Usually the beds are mad close together, which means they are really queen boxsprings with two twin mattresses atop the frame…and one blanket draped between the two. Nah player…

More photos and video to come.


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