Get Away

I don’t know how much of my water cooler conversations you get a chance to read, but much of it has been similar in topic as of late. Almost all of my peer group is making the change and for many of them it is a long road. Destination weddings, small ceremonies, and even the occasional eloping. In celebration of the long road toward matrimony that many of us do not recognize ourselves to be on, I wanted to suggest to many of my male friends that the road could be much shorter if we’d only seek to identify our “Get Away.”

1. Get Away… from her!
Fellas, this is the one that you need to find a way to get away from.

If it weren’t for iChat she wouldn’t have a chance. If it weren’t for Skype and the fact that she is ALWAYS on, you’d never speak to her. If it weren’t for BBM, she’d probably have no way of contacting you at all. Now, come on man, you know better. You know you need to let her get away. Matter fact, you know you need to get away from her. She is an ex, or a never was, or even worse, she’s a number that you can’t remember entering into your phone…5 years ago. You don’t have anything to say to her during business hours and never think to invite her to any place you are going to be. You love to tell her that you are going to be in town, but hate that she is going to hit you up the second you get there. Face it man, you don’t want her, she just keeps you from being bored and you are too selfish to realize that that one text or late night phone call is going to keep you on her mind until…well…the next text or late night phone call. Get.away.from.her.now.

2. The Get Away …with her!
The one you want to get away with, take a trip to a Get away
For whatever reason, you haven’t made the announcement. You know the announcement that you make when you take her to the company dinner, family event, or to drinks with the crew. You haven’t really put her out there to tell the gang, “She’s more than just the flavor of the month.” But you all are magnetic when you are alone. Private movie theater, quiet little cafe on the upper east side, or even a day trip to Atlantic City? Yep, you two are in heaven. She’s your get away girl and whether that means you two have to sneak off to be yourselves or that you feel like you can be yourself with her and nobody else, she let’s you escape it all. She’s the one that matters.

If only it weren’t for that thing, that pesky little thing that keeps you from making the announcement, you wouldn’t need to get away. But don’t worry, soon you will, but for now plan another get away.

“Can’t let her get away”

3. The Get Away…from you
Dig deep into your crates and pull out your Michael Jackson “Dangerous” album for this one.

Self-explanatory. If you play your cards right, you’ll never have to settle. It took you way too long to realize how important she was to you. But now that you know, you cannot let her get out of your sight. She is the one you will end up with and the story you won’t have to tell your kids secretly because their mama is upstairs making hot water cornbread and the woman that you let get away is somewhere else where they don’t eat hot water cornbread.

Fellas, figure out which Get Away you are dealing with and your road to matrimony will be much much shorter.



1 Response to “Get Away”

  1. 1 rebeKah
    August 23, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Funny and real. So which one are YOU dealing with? Had to ask…

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