Janelle Monáe’s “Tightrope” Music Video in HD!!!!

So many of you have seen the trailer and even more of you have seen the video by now. I have gotten all of the tweets, etc asking why I hadn’t yet posted it on my blog. Well, I thought I’d wait for that high definition and here it is.

This video is the kind of video that makes you want to body roll at your desk.  It has moments that you will remember while you are on the train listening to Tightrope on repeat on your iPod (or your Zune) and as one of the creatives involved, I feel comfortable in letting you know that a great deal of hard work and thought went into the pre-production, performance, wardrobing, and especially the editing of this project. So many people have said that they have listened to the song over and over and over and it has yet to stop jamming.  It is our sincere hope that you experience the same re-playability with this video.

Special thanks to all of the interns in the Wondaland Arts Society. The production team told us that we have “the best interns in the world!” Thanks to Jannie, Wendy, Par, and whoever was responsible for the McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches.

This project is the second music video of Janelle Monáe’s that I have had the pleasure of working on/in.  Undeniably a labor of love, I can tell you that this project (THE ARCHANDROID May 18th) is going to be one of the most emotional experiences you have ever had with music. As you watch this video, remember this moment and know that one day you will be packing your children’s lunches in Janelle Monáe lunchboxes.

Stay tuned for the Beyond the Video spot and some exclusive footage of the Making of the Tightrope video.

*If you look really closely, you might see someone you recognize.


1 Response to “Janelle Monáe’s “Tightrope” Music Video in HD!!!!”

  1. April 1, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    This one would have gotten a thumbs up on SOULED OUT 😉 Awesomeness and love!

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