Four Weddings and a Funeral

I have the esteemed pleasure and honor of being in three of the four weddings I will be attending before the year is over. One of these weddings has me at the helm of the traditional bachelor party, as I will be standing closest to the groom…until he stands next to his blushing bride. The four ceremonies that I will be attending are all weddings of fraternity brothers. (and they said we were playboys for life, ha!)

But before we get fitted for our tuxedos and schedule the rehearsal dinners, we are going to need some pallbearers and somebody to type up the obituary. See, with our entry into the next stage in our lives, things change. In some ways it is the death of a lifestyle. There won’t be as many trips to exotic places with the fellas. There surely won’t be any chasing tails at the let out anymore. There won’t be as many late nights out when we come to town. Shoot there won’t be as many “when we come to town’s”. Honestly, I am okay with it because there will be births and visits and barbecues and Christenings and graduations and Godfathers…

The truth is, I am probably a lot father, excuse me farther, from marriage than I would like to be and definitely farther from marriage than my Grandmeré would want me to be. (She is famous for telling everyone at my 26th birthday dinner that she wishes I “would just put my sperm somewhere.”) For those that don’t know, I grew up in a close knit family and though it was small, I always knew that I would have one of my own one day. The goal was to do it traditionally, meaning within wedlock. So far so good. But I also grew up with a dream and though it was huge, I always knew I would live it one day. So far so good. But I need a little more time than I thought I would.

So I am glad that everyone is getting married. There is a sort of relief with all of my boys settling down. Though there is the added pressure from the women around us. (“Oh well, I guess you’re next George!!”) But when your boys get hitched, it kind of pacifies and satiates that social and biological desire people have to go to a wedding. Because if you’re waiting on me…well, I mean I don’t even have a girlfriend yet.

So here’s to four weddings…and a funeral.

P.S. Do you take a date to a wedding that you are IN?


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