I will not stop talking about Turn off the TV

I watch how rappers and singers go on talk shows and radio shows and tweet and in store and facebook and surprise appear and expose themselves for the week or so before and after the release of their album. I understand that there is often an advance to be paid back, a contract to be upheld, and a goal to attain. They need to sell records or their label will drop them, people will drop them, endorsements will disappear.

I don’t have that problem. I don’t have a label, no endorsement deal, and I surely ain’t seen no paaaaaarts of an advance. I, simply, believe in my art. I am giving this project in the present and for posterity to prove that I was alive and that I mattered to the culture. So for that reason I am going to be annoyingly persistent about promoting this project. Sure, I’d love for you all to donate $10-$20. But even if you don’t I am going to do this anyway, because I BELIEVE in this project. I know that it is good. I know that it is real and there is nothing wrong with making some noise about something you BELIEVE in.

Here is the first Channel that I released off the Sitcom Mixtape: the title track “Turn off the TV”

For the full TOTV experience go to georgetwopointoh.com


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