About Jesus’ Birthday

I woke up this morning in a house that has not one but THREE Christmas trees, and underneath all of them are presents. I woke up to the smell of coffee and cookies, cakes and brownies. In the middle of the night, I woke to pray and thank God for the ability to purchase gifts for my loved ones. As I sneaked through the house to gather all of my gifts from their hiding places, I stepped over family members wrapped in warm blankets and closed the bedroom doors of three generations of healthy loved ones. I stoked the fire and checked to make sure the Christmas lights were still glowing beneath the mountains of snow outside; mountains of snow which did not prevent me from making it home to where my childhood house was still standing, unaffected.

Last night extended, non blood-related family descended upon our Christmas Eve celebration, defined by our love for one another and nothing else. Today, my blood relatives will arrive in droves to enjoy our traditional Steak and Seafood feast and share in the tradition of our Pollyanna. We will laugh, we will sing, we will be humbled by this day that the Lord has made.

Today, concentrate on spending time with your family and not on the money you spent. God will provide that. Today is proof of that provision, for unto us a son WAS given.

What a wonderful counselor, what a King, what peace, what a sacrifice, what a price, Oh what a foretaste of Glory divine.

Happy Birthday Jesus. Only you give gifts on YOUR birthday.

I woke up this morning to celebrate the birth of the Risen Savior Jesus Christ.


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