$15 for 15

This year for Christmas, I think I am going to do my best to concentrate on GIVING rather than SPENDING. I know you don’t care because I don’t normally get you a Christmas gift anyway. Last year I got my dad a garage door opener, automatic free installation included. Why? Well the old one had a motor in it that died and his back AND his knee are both bad. Though it was crazy expensive, it meant more to me that he know that I was paying attention to his needs and attentive to his obstacles. Those are the kind of gifts that I think I will give my immediate family again this year. Perhaps some shaving cream and a Mach 7 for Grandmom and some nametags for my Uncle’s rapidly developing moles.

But here is an idea for you. Trust me, it works, I just did it yesterday. You and a friend can play and give at the same time…and it is CHEAP! Set the buy in at $15. Yep $15. Go to a Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, or Duane Reed together. Synchronize swatches and within 15 minutes shop for each other. Grab as many items as you want that you think will be great gifts for that person. Coloring books, band aids, hand sanitizer, a cheap DVD, anything you find is fair game as long as it is under $15.

Don’t let them see you shop and try not to stand in line together. When you get back home, go to separate corners of the room and wrap your gifts. Now, the next part is up to you. But remember, “Present” -ation is important. So I suggest you throw on some Christmas music and exchange your thoughtful gifts as though they were the most expensive gifts you have ever given or received!

Merry Christmas!!
George 2.0


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