I miss the way the Summer feels…already.

ImaginationThis Summer, I could be found sitting outside and waiting for the sun to get off work. Watching the dusk promise more than the night knows it has to offer. I miss the way the Summer feels already. I could be found waking up to weekends on Wednesdays looking forward to wasting Thursdays making plans for Friday…I miss the way the Summer feels…already. Mojitos at outdoor cafes, frisbees in open fields, car drives with the window down so that the heat can eavesdrop on the conversation your soul has about the reason your spirit makes you smile when “Summertime” and “Got to Give It Up” come on the radio. Cold bottles of water were never so popular. Except when freeze pops came to the party. I miss the way the Summer feels…already. As kids, we could be found laying in grass till our skin itched, swimming in lakes until ice cream trucks would crawl by just slow enough to make us feel like we were fast. Crab feasts, hushpuppies, Old Fashioned’s, laughter from the Old heads, and my Grandmother saying ‘Why don’t you ask the girls to dance?” I miss the way the Summer feels…already. Now, I just miss knowing that the day was as long as it possibly could be and that the night meant you could open the windows and invite cool breezes in to share your pillow. Walking instead of driving. Walking instead of subways. Outdoor pickup games and beautiful birds. Summer, you are so much more patient than the Winter. And Fall…Fall, you and Spring spend most of your time being jealous of your siblings. I don’t want to Fall…and especially not forward, not yet.

Summer, I don’t know when you’ll read this…and I know you aren’t completely gone. But I miss you …already.

-George A. Peters, II


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