Did you forget that you can use twitter however you want to?

I think people forget that. Twitter started off as a secret. Used as an in house means of communication, it started off as a brainstorming session for a company called Odeo. When we got it, it became a life concordance. It was like a frequency or a whisper that everyone in the room was apart of, even if they couldn’t hear it yet.

Then everyone joined.

Onepointoh, my father, likes to say that my generation is the type that will excuse itself from an arena, a fad, a channel, a food, even a slang if too many people get a hold of it. While, I think that he is correct to a certain extent, Twitter is far more than a fad. Much like most of us, if my parents joined Facebook, I would not accept their requests or leave Facebook altogether. Imagine being at the club and your parents show up with all THEIR friends. (Coat) check please! But Twitter is different, very different. Last weekend, while waiting for the Stereo Crowd show to start, I overheard a guy outside saying, “I will never join Twitter.”

Of course you will.

No TwitterThough I understood what he was fighting against, it is going to be tough for him to avoid Twitter. The revolution WILL be Twitterized. (It probably has been already we’re just not following it). Something about him saying that he wasn’t going to ever join Twitter reminded me of the generations of old saying they were just fine with their radios, swearing off the purchase of an “idiot box”. <—That's old school American for Television boys and girls.

I digress.

Now that we are ALL on Twitter, we probably need to be reminded that we can use it however we want to. Today, I decided to unfollow nearly half of the people I had been following, especially the ones who admonished me with the more than semi-serious, "Why aren't you following me?" Believe me, it is a difficult thing. See the truth of the matter is, if you follow all of the people you are friends with it will probably strain your relationships. You will end up knowing more about them that you are supposed to. Why? Simply because they wouldn't have shared with you what they carelessly shared with their followers, if it was just the two of you. They wouldn't have told you that they cried watching Grey's Anatomy, or that they didn't want to go out because they were broke. You would have never known that they went to the movies with her and that's why she (and he) didn't answer your phone calls all night. You wouldn't have any clue that they hated when you ate off of their plate or asked them passive-aggressively "What you doing tonight?"

But the good news is: you don’t have to know ANY of this if you don’t WANT to.

You can find out what wines to drink with what meats, you can keep up with free ticket giveaways for the symphony, you can catch the play by play to a game that isn’t showing on television, you can even get a scripture or two to go along with your word of the day! You can monitor Spirit Airlines for cheap plane tickets, you can get editing tips… All of this can enhance who you are and not bring you down into the mind-numbing minutia of someone else’s brain farts. Brain farts which tax you mentally and leave you at the whim of someone else’s capricious and over zealous thumb rants.

Me included.

Suggestion: dump all of your followers. Write a list of all of the things in your life you want to work on, culture you want to be exposed to, and people who you want to influence your thoughts. Find them and follow THEM. Don’t worry about offending anybody, they will understand, and if/when they don’t, maybe you will understand why you shouldn’t have been following them in the first place. It’s your mind…your timeline…and your world that is being influenced. Take control of it.

“It’s MY cup.”
-Lil Wayne

Here’s a website that will help you decide if you should be following a certain somebody. If scrolling through their timeline isn’t enough take a look at what they are saying and who they are saying it about at Tweetstats.com


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