What is so funny?

Along with bad drivers, the word “pajamas”, that little leg on the chicken wing, and mass text messages, I cannot stand people who laugh at jokes that they do not get. Why? Why would you laugh just for the sake of laughing? If you don’t get it, you should ask…”What is so funny?”

I am funny. I have realized that in recent years. I grew up by myself. What I mean is, while I was growing up, nobody else in my house was growing up. They were grown. It started off as simple impersonations, a moonwalk here and there, then graduated into knock knock’s and cute wordplays. But now that I am old enough to drink with the family, I have found that I can construct a complex joke that is multi-layered and fun for all ages. That is to say, if they get it.laughter

One evening while enjoying my third round of Grand Mariner with the folks, I told an off color joke. One that I was sure the Golden Girls (my three remaining grand people) would not understand. Truthfully, the joke, as many of my anecdotes are, was told,primarily, for my amusement. If any residual laughter came out of it, so be it. But it didn’t particularly matter, nor could it diminish my entertainment. Well immediately after said remark, my eldest and most hip grandmother says, “Lil George, what do you mean when you say ______.” Why? Because she wanted to know. Makes sense to me.

Nine times out of ten, had that happened in my peer group, those who didn’t understand it would have laughed until such time that they could figure out what they were laughing at, maybe ask someone privately, or the most likely, forget about it.

I can recall the first time I heard “ratchet” used as the slang term for a handgun. Though I had heard it used before, I never asked what it meant. I guess I was in fear of not being “street” enough or uncool. Well, as I get older (socially) I realize how stupid that was.

Ms Mancini, my third grade teacher told me the same thing your third grade teacher probably told you, “There is no such thing as a dumb question…” So the next time you hear some slang that you don’t recognize or a joke that you don’t understand ask the question posed in this entry’s title.


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