if s/he brings me a drink from the bar…

So after yesterday’s post on the drinks that every man should order, I decided to solicit some of the best of the bar and social strata for their opinions. Ranging in years and residing in metropolises across the country, these young professionals surely know the meaning of a good after work drink. Hell, they know the meaning of a lunch break happy hour.

We started with the ladies, and asked a simple question: “If he brings you a drink from the bar, what should it be?”


TIff Griff
“ahhh a subject i’m rather fluent on in no particular order…”

1. guinness bc that’s my beer of choice and it shows that he has been paying attention
2. champs/prosecco because it’s a safe choice and looks sexy
3. whatever I’m already drinking…takes little creativity but i probably am diggin whatever it is I’m already drinking
4. some new=new and a put-on. I love new shit that no one else is up on and it’s a conversation starter. shows his worldliness or at least he can fake it.

Randi Brown
I’m a wine girl, so I love when men approach me with a glass of a white wine preferably Riesling (sweet). If it had to be a cocktail probably something warm like Stoli Vanilla with Diet Coke.

Kenecia Lashae
Hennessy Cognac VSOP -I like it hard and straight up:) Smooth and brown, I love how it goes down.

Esa Lewis
Champagne is always a good look if not hand me a mojito or a good wine.

Other - Champagne Popping
Kimmy Frye
If a man walks up to me with a drink in hand, I probably wouldn’t drink it for roofie purposes. But if he asked what I want to unwind with on a Friday night, I’d have to side with my roomie. Nothing like a glass of wine to take the edge off without getting wild. Kir Royale is always my winter-sexy drink of choice. The rich red bubbly is just a winner.

K Jarvis
Goose on the rocks with 2 limes and 2 lemons would be most appropriate. But that may be intimidating to a man, so a glass of red wine, medium body w/ a sweet taste will always do. And I have to agree w/ Tiff on the beer, except I am partial to a Yuengling. If a man pays attention to what I’m drinking and comes and stands next to me and orders what I have (no roofies this way) , well that can go a long way too…

no martinisLiza Gates
I don’t accept drinks from men I don’t know b/c the moment you accept so much as a wink a man thinks he’s done you a favor, but if I was to get myself a drink I guess it depends where we were:

Dance Club: dark rum and coke (every woman in my family drinks this and only this)
National Arts Club: Port (in chilled tumbler)
The Jane: Chilled Patron w/ mint leaves
Boom Boom Room @ the standard: Henny on the rocks (mainly b/c every drink is like 45$ and i’d be nice after one sip)
The White House: a sam adams
More importantly what I would never drink: a martini (its as sloppy as spaghetti on a first date)

Fellas? Same question: “If she brings you a drink from the bar, what should it be?”

Bryce Adams
Call me simple but I’ve always enjoyed the crisp refreshing taste of a stiff Gin (Bombay Sapphire) & Tonic. But in the winter I transition into a scotch neat.


Delvin Franklin
A litte yack neat is the favorite.

David Calloway
I’m all about a domestic seasonal draft. It won’t break her pocket. American business patronage in the bad market.

Benny Walk
Whatever it is it should either be straight (I prefer light rocks but if she goes neat I appreciate that she thinks I’m a viking) or with a splash of something. Handle me like a grown man. Assume I’m manly enough and my palate is sophisticated enough to handle a top shelf liquor in its purest form. Oh, did i mention that it should be top shelf? Not all the way at the top, but if she gets me a well drink I’ll never take her seriously.

Joe Carlos
Maker’s and Coke. It’s strong and bold, and yet smooth at the same time. It’s hard to capture all of those things, but then again, I think that’s me as well.



4 Responses to “if s/he brings me a drink from the bar…”

  1. 1 Brandon Johnson
    September 18, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    I couldn’t resist. Whiskey straight! (light rocks for Maker’s…its 90 proof). Preferable Irish, but if we must drink from the America’s I get down with the Crown, it’s a Chicago staple. Whiskey is the working man’s drink, but respectable among the bourgeoisie. Plus it keeps you strong and long! If a lady gets me a whiskey it means she’s recognized who I am, she likes men, not these metrosexual knock-offs but a real man, and doesn’t mind a little tasteful crassness.

  2. 2 Candace Rodney
    September 18, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    Amstel Light or Blue Moon on a normal night. If at a swanky establishment a glass of Riesling will do. If throwing them back, Patron shots all night.

  3. 3 Justin McIntosh
    September 18, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    I’m an old school southern boy, so I can resist Hennessey on the rocks or a Long Island Ice Tea (probably my favorite thing ever associated with New York). I think both of these are very suitable for the type of women I prefer as well. (Bold, strong and strait to the point.)You also don’t have to dink much to get a nice buzz so you can act like my buddies in H-Town and take your drink nice and slow.

  4. 4 'Zo
    September 21, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    I’m pretty versatile, so it’d depend on if I’m drinking light or dark… If I’m going light, I gotta roll with Bombay Sapphire & Tonic. If I’m going dark, probably a strong whiskey like either Woodford Reserve or Makers Mark on the rocks.

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