This is how women make it hard…

Let me tell you what women do that make things “hard”. Well, let me tell you what I mean before we get too deep in this thing. Women know what men want far more than men know what women want. That’s just a fact. Accept it. With that understood here is a short list of 10 things that women do for men, completely on purpose.

1. They start cooking–well. Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men want to be fed–well. (This includes keeping your favorite snacks around or in her purse. That’s clutch #punswild)

2. They get THE haircut. You know the one. Believe it or not men don’t like weave. We don’t. I don’t. It smells when its wet. It requires maintenance and what’s worse, when you take it out it feels weird and takes too long to get used to, like the first few days after you cut your fingernails.

3. They get cool with your homeboys. “Old girl is so cool/funny/good for you” is a tough phrase to ignore when you hear it from the homies.

4. They show even the least bit of athletic prowess. I love when a girl can run without looking like a girl or throw without looking like a girl or catch….well you get it.

5. They start working out. Duh. Even if they are in great shape, something about a woman working out just works for us. Plus, it lessens the chance of her getting fat and ugly when she gets older. (sidenote:check to make sure that her mother is fine too)

6. They know how to hold a conversation. If they hold good conversation in private, that increases the chances that we’ll want them to participate in public. There is nothing worse than fearing what stupid or embarrassing comment your lady friend might make. Wait, yes there is: trying to clean it up/act like nobody heard it.

7. They take an interest/support in what you are doing. I don’t mean they read your blog and print out checklists like this one and put them on their bathroom mirrors (hint hint). I mean they seek and share info, ask questions, remember details about the things that you are passionate about. It makes all of the difference in the world.

8. They become fans of your professional sports team. It makes Sundays in the Fall that much easier.

9. They know how to make you miss them. This is easily accomplished by not smothering and allowing you to have space. That space can mean, no nagging phone calls (“What are you doooooing?”), supporting fellas night, or quite simply having a life of their own.

10. They “let” you have the last word. We love it when a woman has enough tact to let us know when we are wrong without undermining our authority. That’s right I said authority. We have the last word. If your man let’s you have the last word you need to encourage him otherwise. (emphasis on “encourage him”. Try something as simple as, “But I understand your point that _______”) We don’t always have the right word, but we always have the last word.

*ladies, please print and post on your bathroom mirrors.


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